Victory's Engagement Party

Victory's Engagement Party

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Victory's Engagement Party

It’s Victory’s engagement dinner party. It’s beautiful. Everyone here went all out. Even the working staff are dressed in tuxedos. It’s still a little surreal, Victory getting married. I didn’t think this day would come. I’ve always seen her as my baby sister and now she’s a grown woman. She insisted we wear matching outfits. She says it’s the last formal event we’ll attend together before she gets married. She’s so sweet. I’m extremely proud of Victory. Mother would also be proud to see her youngest girl getting married. I can’t wait to walk her down the little Vicky.

Serie Quantity
: 10
Size: A4 and A3
Description: Print on Fine Art Textured Silk Paper 270g/m2. Hand signed with authentication label.
Origin: South Africa