Queen Mother [A3 size]

Queen Mother [A3 size]

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On her 56th birthday, Ndima was presented with a gift. She became Mvuzu’s Queen Mother. With poise and grace she took up the mantle. On her first day as the Queen Mother, it rained. The dust of a drought stricken Mvuzu rose from its home on the village floor and the water settled in its place. The mud was as brown as the skin of the new Queen. Songs of happiness and shouts of joy spread throughout the homes of the Mvuzu village. As the blessings from the sky filled the rivers and dams of the village, an overwhelming peace filled Ndima’s heart. God has blessed her office and God has blessed the crops of her village. This day is remembered with a portrait, a Portrait of The Queen Mother.

Serie Quantity
: 10
Size: A3
Description: Print on Fine Art Textured Silk Paper 270g/m2. Hand signed with authentication label. 
Origin: South Africa