Pizza Boys [A3 size]

Pizza Boys [A3 size]

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People call us ‘Pizza Boyz’ because Kgauza once bought pizza for the whole class on his birthday and the whole school found out. We ate it on the bench near the soccer field and it’s been our spot ever since. My name is David and I’m the oldest amongst my friends. They always force me to sit on the edge of the bench and I don’t like it. It’s uncomfortable...especially since Neo is back at school. Neo loves his colorful belt. He wears it with everything. The sun is hot today, and I can feel my little brother sweat right next to me. Kgauza thinks he’s the king pin of our group so he fostas to sit in the middle. Sbuda just does whatever Kgauza says. Sbuda doesn’t have a belt though...but I told my little brother to give him one of his...just so we all look presentable. I like being with the Pizza Boyz. We talk about cars, politics, our dreams and aspirations. I hope we make it out of high school.

Serie Quantity
: 10
Size: A4
Description: Print on Fine Art Textured Silk Paper 270g/m2. Hand signed with authentication label. 
Origin: South Africa