Coorator is a platform which offers meaningful curated art pieces made by artists around the world. 

With a special focus on the creative process and the work behind every art piece and photography, we invite our audience to understand art as a labor: an emotional and technical work which requires hours of training, studying and devotion as well as access to different materials to produce it. Making art is still a privilege and being an artist is rarely an option. We want to change this.

We see art as a possibility.

Possibility to create social change and impact. 
Possibility for those who create them to feel safe and recognized.
Possibility to create bridges between cultures, people and lives.

We see art as a natural human manifestation and we want to break barriers by creating a space where everyone is invited to learn, see and buy beautiful artworks without feeling like an outsider.

As one of our core values, we are committed to fair payment for the art pieces as we see the artistic work as valuable labor, as any other work. Art is only possible when the professionals are allowed to freely create and practice their craft. For this, we make sure to have a close dialogue with the artists we work with, making sure we are giving the best support for their ever developing creative careers.