Maria João

"I'm Maria João, I'm 21 years old I live in the city of São Paulo, since I was a child I see in art a way of expressing myself, of saying things that I often couldn't put into words – not even for myself. In my early teens I really understood the importance of art in my way of being, of understanding changes, fears and desires ... it is also when I start to draw and explore ways of expressing myself.

After high school I started my studies on fashion design and it was at drawing classes where I started to connect more with my creative process, understanding what I like and what I don't. There, I learned to observe and translate what I see when around me, but there’s something missing in terms of experimentation that didn’t feel right. At the age of 19 I left fashion college and started studying jewelry design, and it was then when I felt in perfect harmony with my work.

Making jewelry represents everything I already did on canvas and paper, as an attempt to bring my feelings into a concrete form. As I built my creative path I immersed myself in this dance of brushes, pencils, canvases, fire and metal, together with my feelings and the desire to express them. The quotidian, its details, and how I relate to them, are pivotal to my creation: the details of life that I observe and interpret, from the inside out."