Vibrant colors and thick strokes: Belpss artworks are hardly left unnoticed. The “carioca” – a term that refers to those originally from Rio de Janeiro - is in her early twenties and is already leaving her mark on walls, paper and even skin.

Born to a family of creatives, Belpss was introduced to the arts in all its forms and possibilities from an early age. Influenced by the streets of Rio de Janeiro; including its colorful carnival festivities and political demonstrations in a country marked by social, racial and gender inequalities.

Her artworks are a mix of these influences: childhood references, her approach to love and freedom and perhaps something that she herself can’t even explain yet: a translation of her subconscious mind, her dreams and aspirations for the world she wants to live in.

Large and extravagant Belpss works are made to be seen and to bring playfulness to the most unexpected places. We all have an inner child ready to play with her art, all we have to do is allow ourselves to let it go of preconceived ideas and let it color our experience.

The Brazilian artist is currently based between Rio de Janeiro and Paris furthering her creative experiences through different platforms and environments.