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Tattoo Artists Marte


BORN and raised in Brazil, Marte  was always curious about art and different techniques. With the support of her family she navigated from architecture to oil painting until she landed on tattoo art, her current profession and passion.

COORATOR: When did you start tattooing? When did you realize you were interested in this?
MARTE: I graduated in architecture and worked in the area for 5 years but I gradually felt that it was not right for me. I felt incomplete. So I started looking for other possibilities when I was presented with a tattoo course. That was my first contact with this universe and it was love at first sight: ​I dropped my job as an ​architect and immersed myself in the tattoo world with all my heart.


COORATOR: How was the process to learn how to tattoo?
MARTE: Since I was little I was always very curious about artistic techniques, my aunt, an art education teacher, always inspired and motivated me to paint by giving me paints and brushes and I was lucky to have the chance to attend many courses like observation drawing and oil painting. Tattoo was no different. I learned in a very cool school called Lado B, with great professionals, in São Paulo, Brazil. There, I had a range of different classes, such as biosafety and authorial drawings and extensively practiced before I could start an apprentice in one of São Paulo’s best studios for fine line tattoos.


COORATOR: How does it feel to make art on people's skin?
MARTE: It is a very big responsibility. Tattoo is an art that, regardless of its size or meaning, stays with the person forever. I also believe in the energy exchanged  between the artist and the client during the tattooing process and for that I always try to create a good and pleasant moment for both of us, so that we can learn from each other and keep a good memory from each experience.


COORATOR: What style of tattoo/design do you most identify with?
MARTE: I identify a lot with the delicate style, fine line technique. But I also love working on original designs where the art is created together with the client making every tattoo unique. It’s about making art together!


COORATOR: Drawing is all about technique and training: since when do you draw? How do you feel your work has evolved over the years?
MARTE: That's for sure it is! Drawing is not about talent as there are many hours of study, work and perseverance. Just as many artists I’m friends with, I am very demanding with my work, and this requires a commitment to always improve, learn from co-workers and the market. In fact I feel in constant evolution.


COORATOR: Have you always seen yourself working with art?
MARTE: In fact, deep down, since I was a child I saw myself working with art. It’s a calling if one may say that. But as we are forced to make choices in a very early age, we are influenced by others on our decisions such as which college we apply to. Although I see a lot of art in architecture, the market I ended up in was uninspiring to me, and this process led me to career change. Today, I value my path and all the learning I had from it to be where I am now. That’s it: the journey makes me love my work even more.


COORATOR: How do you feel as a woman in this environment?
MARTE: At the beginning, even more from the older generation, I felt a little bit of prejudice and resistance, especially with the feminine and delicate tattoo style. However, I believe that it is a moment of transition and, as in other areas, women are making space and breaking preconceived ideas. It’s really difficult at times.


COORATOR: Your drawings for COORATOR are your first for a gallery. How do you feel about this new challenge?
MARTE: Yes, they are my first art works for a gallery and I’m very happy for the opportunity. I have always wanted, to be able to take my art abroad and to inspire people around the world.


COORATOR: What do you like most about working with art and tattoo?
MARTE: I think that art has always been a very present thing in my life and I didn't see it as a profession, but something I liked to do in my free time, to give as gifts to the people that I love. The fact that I can work with it today and pay the bills while inspiring people and bring beauty to this world is amazing! For me everything - walls, papers and skin - can have art.

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